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Loc Journey: 1 month loc update

Not too long ago, I was sitting in a chair while my mom and sister were doing my hair for over 6 hours! And now, here we are, one month in on this loc journey. This is a small step, in a series of many steps, but I’m so pumped to have had my locs for one whole month. Here is my 1 month loc update.

1 month loc update

First Wash

I waited 3 weeks to wash my hair after having my locs started. I’ve read a ton of opinions about when the best time to wash them would be. Some say 1 week, others say 2 months. I waited until I felt like I couldn’t anymore and that was this past Sunday, at 3 weeks. Before I got locs, my hair was natural and I mostly wore it blown out in an afro. I used shampoos i found in natural grocery stores, but I know I’m not supposed to use that in my hair now. I could wash it all the way out before, but every site I’ve been on has said that those shampoos will cause build-up in my hair. So I decided on using Dr.Bronners Peppermint Soap as my shampoo. I’ve used this soap before, on my body, and I’ve always been a fan. I read mixed reviews about it for locs online, but I had to try something and this is what I felt most comfortable using.

1 month loc update
This pic was taken right before my first wash, at 3 weeks.

The peppermint felt awesome on my head! I tried to wash it as lightly as possible so that I wouldn’t undo any of my coils, but when I got out of the shower I could tell I didn’t wash it all out, so I got back in. I used a pick that I had for my afro to really get in there and scratch my scalp and when I came out the second time, my hair looked and felt clean. I made sure to rinse my hair for a lot longer (than I usually would) the second time.

The Retwist

After my first retwist

I had the help of my mom and sister when i started my locs, but this time I was on my own. This is how I’ve always intended it to be. I want to be able to do basically everything on my own, but I’m starting with my hair and this retwist. I felt like the hardest part was making the parts needed to start this journey but now that that’s over, I feel comfortable trying to take on all other aspects on my own. I don’t want everything to look super neat anyway.

When I started my locs I used a homemade Aloe gel to coil my hair. It worked really well! But with Coronavirus being all anyone can think about, and hand sanitizer being out of stock for over a month now, everyone has been buying Aloe leaves to make their own hand sanitizer. And so, every grocery store around me is out of Aloe leaves. Sure, they have packaged Aloe Vera gel but I started this journey with the hope of keeping everything as natural as possible. I love making things on my own and using super natural ingredients so I didn’t want to give up on that so soon.

1 month loc update
Finished Flaxseed Gel (I made way too much)

My alternative for this retwist was Flaxseed gel. I got a bag of flaxseed from the grocery store, boiled it with water and voila, a perfectly jelly natural gel for my hair. I also added a little bit of Rosemary oil to give it some scent. I’ll admit, it doesn’t feel quite as soft as when i used fresh Aloe gel, but it did the trick and I’m happy with it.

The whole process took about 2 hours from start to finish. I didn’t use a comb to come out the new growth because I don’t really care about it looking neat. The whole point of locing my hair is for it to tangle, so I don’t want to keep combing it out and making it harder. Some sections were trying to form together, but I just parted them as gently as I could, and they went back to their sections.

When I completed a row of retwist I would go back in and oil my scalp. I was using a mix of black castor oil and Rosemary before I washed my hair, which I really loved, but I wanted to switch it up for this retwist. My biggest goal is trying to prevent dandruff in my hair, since I know it will be hard to get out, so I want to take extra care of my scalp. I used a mix of melted coconut oil (which won’t solidify again so long as I’m only putting it on my scalp) and tea tree oil. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer, and tea tree is good at fighting dandruff because it reduced yeast growth on the scalp and is antibacterial so It seemed like a good mix for right after my wash.

The Everyday

My everyday life since getting locs has been so great. I wake up in the morning, take off my night scarf, and I’m done. It’s what I’ve always wanted. I switch it up some days by wearing head scarfs or head wraps, but most days I just wear it how it is. Pretty cool.

The Changes

One of the biggest changes from my locs on day 1 to my locs on day 31 is that they’re a lot fuzzier and some are thicker. The ones in the back are holding their initial shape really well, while the ones at the top are a little looser. I want them to look full so I’m okay with them getting fuzzy. I think i really undid like 4 locs from my wash, and they weren’t really going back into any type of coil, so I undid them and two-strand twisted them a few days after my wash.

So that’s it for my 1 month loc update. I’m excited to see what comes next! Read more about how I started my locs in the LOC section of my blog!

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