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Starburst Juice: A Simple Pink Juice.

Can you guess the ingredient that gave me this amazing pink color in my juice? It was the perfect addition, and it didn’t overpower the flavor from the fruit I added. A virtual hug to the person who gets it! Actually, a virtual hug to everyone reading this because the past few weeks have been rough!

This juice is super simple, but created such a pretty color. I knew I wanted something pink for my next juice, and was aiming to add beets to get the right color. But they were out of beets, so I had to improvise, and I found the perfect thing.

pink juice

It was rhubarb! Rhubarb almost looks like celery, but the stalk is a bright pink/reddish color, and it has a leafy green top to it. It is a good water-based vegetable (like celery) to add to this juice, which is predominantly made up of just apples.

I took this juice with me on my daily walk, but it didn’t last long after that. It would be a great juice to make if the more vegetable-based (freakishly green) juices are still intimidating to you. It would also be a great juice to pour into molds in the summer and make popsicles with!


  • 3 stalks of rhubarb
  • 2 honeycrisp apples

This amount filled this 16 oz jar, but you can change up the amount if you want more. Just add more apples than rhubarb to make sure it stays sweet!

My pink juice is super simple, but really good! For more juice recipes, check out the JUICE section of my blog.

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