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The Green Machine : A green juice that has it all

There is no better time to be boosting your immune system with fruits and veggies than now. I’ve been making juice almost daily since things started to get more serious with the Coronavirus. And the other day felt like the perfect time to combine all of the greens in my fridge to create the most epic 32 ounces of green juice I could come up with.

green juice

The past few weeks have been rough for a number of reasons. The state of the world is in such a crazy limbo and it stresses me out, I had to cut our long planned road-trip short by 8 days, and I lost my job as a waitress for I’m not sure how long. But I’ve been committed to looking at the bright side of it all.

Now I get to spend a lot of time with Joe, which is always nice. I’m forced to take a break from everything, which gives me time to reset. And my job, who was forced to get rid of all the food they in stock, decided to hand it out to the employees. This provided me with A TON of food to choose from to take home with me. I grabbed mostly fruits and vegetables so that I could make enough juice to make me feel healthy and more prepared to fight off any lurking illnesses. Though a lot of things are going wrong, I have a lot to be grateful for, and am happy I got the gift of fueling my body with green juice, for free! =)

So yeah, I’ve been making a lot of juice. If you want to follow my juicing journey in real time, you can check out my instagram page, and see what I’m making during the week. I made The Green Machine juice a few days ago and it was a hit. Even Joe liked it, and that says a lot.

My usual green juice only has about 4 ingredients, but this one has 7 all green fruits and vegetables in it. I filled up a large 32 oz jar of it, and then froze the rest into ice cubes to put into smoothies later on! If you’re looking to get all your fruit and vegetable quotas in for the day, this will definitely do the trick!


green juice
  • kale
  • spinach
  • green apple
  • pear
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • lime

I wasn’t looking to make a certain amount for this juice, so I didn’t measure anything. If you want it to be sweeter add more apples and pears, if you want it to be on the healthier side with less natural sugar, load up on the kale and spinach. You’ll be good either way!

For more juice recipes, check out my EATS page!


  1. That looks like such a delicious and healthy juice at the same time! I’ll definitely have to try that, especially since it’s so important to get all the vitamins you can right now. 🙂

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