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I did a thing: Starting my loc journey with starter locs

I’ve been talking about it for months, maybe even years. And a few days ago, with the help of my family, I finally took the leap. Ladies and gents, I have officially started my loc journey!

Over the years, I’ve gone through so many hairstyles. I’ve worn it down, up, short, long, relaxed, and natural. I’ve worn extensions and buzzed it all off twice! So one of the last things left for me to do with my hair was to get locs. It was a harder decision for me to make when I was younger, I think because it feels so permanent. But if I’ve learned anything about hair in my life it’s that it always grows back, no matter what I do with it.

So this weekend (March 1st to be exact!) I had my little sister and my mom help me do my starter locs. My browser has been filled with starter loc tutorials and loc advice blogs for months, and I figured I had a good idea of what I was doing. Obviously, it wasn’t as easy as it looked. What I thought would take a couple hours ended up taking closer to 6 or 7 so I really lucked up with having their help (thank you guys!).

Earth to Jay starter locs, loc journey
March 1st 2020

When I was younger I felt tempted to start out with loc extensions, so I could avoid any kind of awkward phase, but ultimately I decided against it. I want to go through every weird phase of this experience, the good and the bad. I feel comfortable in my own skin, and on the verge of some really big life shifts, so it feels like the perfect time to change up my hair.

I’m so excited to start this loc journey, and document all the ups and downs that come with it.

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