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The very first steps: Considering living in an RV

For the past few years I’ve been toying with the idea of living on the road. When Joe and I first left home, our idea was to move to a different state every year, but it didn’t take long for that to get exhausting. It was difficult to keep picking up, finding new jobs, buying stuff for the apartment and then selling it all, and being tied down to one area for the length of our lease. I wanted to move more, see more, do more. But the way we were doing things just wasn’t working. And now, I’m seriously considering living in an RV.

living in an RV

Last year we lived with my grandfather for a while to kind of reset our lives. We needed a break. One night over beers and junk food, I told him that I wanted to live on the road. I said I wanted to buy an RV or a van or a school bus and go as many places as I can. And I thought he’d think I was a nut.

I say a lot of random shit. When I’ve told people in the past about wanting to basically live in a car, their reactions haven’t always been so positive. But my pap was really nice about it, and said something along the lines of this…

“You’ve got to live your life how you want to. You have to chase your own rainbow.”


That was months ago, but it’s been stuck in my head ever since. I know that if I don’t at least try this out, I’m gonna be thinking about it forever. And so, I’m officially on the hunt! A few days ago I went to an RV dealer, and toured a bunch of RV’s, looking to see what length and class would be the best fit for Joe and I. When I found one that felt like a great fit, a class A, 27 foot RV that I could never afford, I laid in the bed with my eyes closed and saw very clearly the life I’ve always dreamed of.

living in an RV
I look both scared and excited, which is good because I felt both of those things.

Will I get that wildly expensive RV from that dealership? No! I want a rig so that I can live more freely, not add a crazy amount of (more) debt to my life. I’ll be looking for a used RV, hopefully in the state of Pennsylvania but I’m open to going anywhere to find it. My searches include browsing Facebook Marketplace, RV trader, Craigslist, and local used dealers. And my goal is to snag one by the time our lease ends, in either July or the end of August, so we don’t have to wait another year to give it a try!

I’m throwing this idea out into the universe, in hopes that it gives me the courage to actually do it this time. I’ll be updating all of my progress here on the blog. My next step will be going to the bank and figuring out the loan process. Wish me luck!

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