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Salad Smoothie

Throwing your salad into the blender with some fruit is a great way to eat your greens. Learn how to incorporate your salad into a delicious smoothie bowl.

I grew up filling myself on high carb food. Meat, potatoes and bread were my go to. So was pasta; lots and lots of pasta. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to placed more importance on my health and to limit eating foods that make me feel like shit. It’s amazing how changing your diet can affect the way you feel. Still, ordering a salad when I go out to eat instead of the Alfredo may never come easy for me. My brain is still telling me to fill up as much as I can, and have enough to take home and fill up later.

A trick I learned a few years ago is to just put the greens in a smoothie. Much like you would trick your kids into eating something healthy, I trick my brain by making my “salad” as colorful and delicious as I can. I put it in a bowl just like I would a salad, only my blender chewed it up for me already. Thanks blender! They’re really good and manage to fill me up just like any other lunch would.

The smoothie in my picture above has kale, spinach, mangoes, and bananas as a base. For liquids I added 1 juiced orange and some water until the consistency was thin enough that I could still use a straw, but thick enough that eating it with a spoon didn’t feel like eating soup. Then I added a tiny bit of spirulina powder. I topped it with whatever was in my cabinet: seeds, dried fruits, almond butter.

I’ve been making smoothies bowls and banana ice cream bowls for years now. They’re fun to make, filling, and a good way to sneak in foods you don’t love eating. I’m excited to share more on this blog about ways I incorporate healthy foods into my life, and how to make them delicious!

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