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It took years for me to start this blog. There’s a sign at my parent’s house that reads something along the lines of “to get the life you want, start the blog now!!!”. I wrote that in college, on a dry erase board almost 6 years ago. I had the idea, but wasn’t ready to pursue it. I also didn’t have much to say about anything. Since then, I’ve been living, learning and experiencing as much as I could. I moved from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island with no job and no clue about anything. I traveled throughout New England and fell in love with every small town. I drove across the country to move to Oregon, where again I had no job (or place to live). I’ve jumped from diet to diet, style to style, city to city, just to take it all in. And it was awesome! Those experiences helped me to find my voice.

Now I’m ready to use it, for what I hope will turn into the travel, lifestyle, struggle filled website of my dreams. I picked “Earth to Jay” as a title because it’s a wake up call, to myself, that I don’t have forever to decide what to do. I just have to do something.

I still have so much I want to accomplish and can’t wait to share it with you all. Wish me luck!

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